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“Feeling good with a smile on my face”

Hi Maryanna You have magic long distance healing, i cannot thank-you enough for helping me to heal of my toxic life and put my focus on the right direction, For the past few months after receiving your treatment and qi gong practice I feel my body light and chronic back pain release and feeling good with a smile on my face.


“So nice to feel wellbeing”

Hi Maryanna First time I get healing holistic, it is very powerful and so soft you will see me again for sure, it's so nice to feel wellbeing.


“I feel no more pains on my back”

Hi Maryanna,
thank-you for your long distance healing and qi gong movements I feel no more pains on my back thank-you so much also for your positive energy.

Tycho the Netherlands

“impossible to try to explain how relieved and happy I am”

Dear Maryanna
Came to see you about 6 months which a pain on my back, bad sleep wrong digestion and so on, I just wanted to say thank-you as since I came to see you I would find it impossible to try to explain how relieved and happy I am, you are a very special person with a very special thank-you

Kim B