Maryanna .wu sunlight

Master of the practice of Qi (chi) Gong and Holistic therapy

Maryanna is a magnetizer, energetician, Master of the practice of Qi (chi) Gong and Meditation, for well-being, healing aid, nutrition, based on the 5 elements yin & yang.

Maryanna, professeur de Qi Gong et thérapie holistique



Maryanna, was only cured by acupuncture and homeopathy from childhood and inherited the magnetism from her Native American grandmother.

From a young age, she has practiced meditation, yoga, then martial arts and continues with qi gong which becomes her ultimate source.With her years of practicing several traditions, she has mastered a unique qi gong for healing and prevention energies.

She leads an atypical life, traveling around the world: India, Nepal, Australia, China ... Maryanna immerses herself in their cultures and always remains in the discovery of different healing arts. She lives in France, Indonesia and the USA . For 20 years was married to a Cherokee, was initiated into sacred ceremonies and drum vibrations.Maryanna, Master practitioner of her knowledge of well-being and the science of yin & yang (universal law of the 5 elements) invites you to discover this inner force the Qi. Come experience in joy the discovery of the inner awakening for a life without physical and emotional pain. We are light and vibrations. Smile, breathe, live your inner music, Harmony and discipline are the key words.

Evidence of self-healing:

  • After a chemical burn on an index finger she intervenes and saves him from amputation.
  • Double knee accident and after surgery, the medical corps declared her unfit for sport: Maryanna regained full function of her knee and returned to competition to win the 2007 US national gold medal in snowboarding.
  • After an accumulation of dramas and a radical change of life, she overcomes by practicing (qigong, meditation and the vibrations of the drum and the connection with nature) and thus manages to rebalance for a total well-being.